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Unfair Mario


Unfair Mario : Nowadays web space is full of flash games. Many of them are boring, and some of them are not as funny as you think. So because of these problems, today I have decided to introduce you one of the best and the most famous videos game in the game history, and the name of this game is unfair mario. It is played by more than 1 million regular players almost every day. As you know Unfair mario is retro style flash game, which you are able to play on our website. In the beginning of the gameplay, you will be given a chance to choose the level, which you want, for example if you are beginner ,you can choose Starter mode, which means that it will be easier for you to overcome the difficult tasks and problems. You will be able to control little red mario by 3 keyboards: left, right and front arrows. Just hit the play button and start this amazing and joyful game. You should be really careful and attentive while playing this game, in the beginning of the gameplay, you may think, that you should have played slowly, but do not think like that, because green grasses are the most dangerous subjects in the gameplay, because they may fall down at any time. So not walk slowly, but be attentive to avoid the green grasses and green tubes. As you know unfair mario is famous of its green tubes, in which the dangerous and poisonous flowers rise, so you should look after them and avoid them in the easy way. You can jump over them, so think attentively to overcome those passes. As I said this one if retro style flash game, it is formatted in 2D, which means that you will only walk in the right and left directions, but do not worry the graphics are just so amazing, you will enjoy every moment of each level and step. Also you will be able to listen to the nice music, which is played in the background mode during overcoming some tasks. Only option for you will be to relax and take a high pleasure of it. There are lot of sites about retro flash games, but we wanted to create one of the best ones, because players do not like bad quality flash games, so we decided to make original one, the copy rights are protected, you will be given a chance to play amazing and original unfair mario flash game. Support our website by sharing your stats to other players from all over the world. Just click the SHARE button and let the computer do everything for you. I will not go on anymore, because I know that you get bored during reading this text, just go up this article and take an amazing chance to play one of the best RETRO game in the game industry